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Automatic Transfers
Set up automated transfers between FAB accounts to maximize interest earnings, manage excess cash or execute a savings plan.  Payments to your small business loans or other commercial loans are also eligible for automatic transfers.  Transaction limits may apply.  Memphis small business loans can be underwritten by knowledgeable commercial lenders at First Alliance Bank.

Health Savings Account
Help your employees reduce health insurance expense with this IRS tax incentive.

  • Must be opened in conjunction with an HSA qualified health insurance plan.
  • Low monthly service charge of $3.00.
  • New account setup fee.
  • Account owners receive a monthly statement to recap their medical purchases.
  • Qualified medical expenses can be paid by check or debit card.

ATM Access
Access ATMs worldwide through the Pulse, Cirrus, Plus, Interlink and Intercept networks.  Surcharge-free access is available at thousands of ATMs throughout the United States. Look for the MoneyPass, Intercept, SUM, First Tennessee Bank or First Alliance Bank logos at your favorite ATM.

To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card, call (877) 300-3509.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Keep valuable papers and other items in our safe deposit vault.  We offer annual contracts at competitive prices at all First Alliance Bank locations. A wide variety of box sizes is available with access during lobby hours.

Night Deposit
Use one of our night deposit drops, located at each branch, to secure your deposit during non-banking hours.

Lockbox Service
Save valuable employee time by having payments sent directly to the bank. Checks are deposited the day they are received.  You'll receive daily notification and have online access to transactions.