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2011 Angel Tree program

This holiday season First Alliance Bank again participated in The Emmanuel Centers Angel Tree program with the adoption of a small family of a single mother and two young children. The family visited the Uptown Branch where they received the many gifts generously donated by the bank's employees. The Uptown Bank staff was delighted to witness the elation and heartfelt gratitude expressed by the family. Sharing the joy and excitement of the holiday season with families like this mother and children is why First Alliance Bank continues to participate in this commendable event year after year.

"Hardest Hit" Program

Struggling Tennessee Homeowners Receive Assistance

January 10, 2011-Tennessee homeowners who are struggling to meet mortgage payments may now receive help through a new federal program - the Hardest Hit Fund - that provides forgivable loans to eligible homeowners.

The Hardest Hit Fund Program consists of $191 million designated to provide forgivable loans of up to $20,000 to Tennessee homeowners who are unemployed or underemployed, through no fault of their own, and are struggling to make their mortgage payments. This is a federal program through the U.S. Treasury administered in Tennessee by Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA).

Additional information can be found in the attached document . If you have additional questions or to apply, call NeighborWorks Alliance of Tennessee at 888-588-9129.

Support Our Troops

First Alliance Bank Customers and Employees Rally to Support Our Troops

June 25, 2011--Donations received at each of the four First Alliance Bank offices from generous members of the community and Bank employees were overwhelming.

Each of the local men and women of the 164th Air Force Reserve Military Police Unit stationed in Afghanistan will receive their own personal box of goodies including snacks, books, games, hand-written letters from children and colored pictures. While many of these items are available at any neighborhood convenience store, those deployed to help protect us and those in other countries don't have these simple comforts. The boxes are being mailed this week in hopes of delivery by the 4th of July.

Thank you again. Your generous contributions will be appreciated and treasured by the sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, mothers, fathers, and friends living so far away from home.