Memphis community bank - First Alliance Bank
Memphis community bank - First Alliance Bank
Memphis community bank - First Alliance Bank
Memphis community bank - First Alliance Bank

A Personal Touch ....

At First Alliance Bank we believe there's never been a better time to rely on a locally owned, locally committed financial institution for your banking needs. We're part of the greater Memphis area and are committed to helping it thrive. Even though large corporate banks serve their customers with branches, you'll find that our roots run deep in this community. The difference is in the details.

  • The top priority of large corporate banks is to serve their largest customers. At FAB our focus is on meeting the needs of local families and businesses.
  • Large banks typically take deposits in one state and lend in another. At FAB we recycle our loans in the neighborhoods where our depositors live and work. This helps keep the local community vibrant and strong.
  • Ever try speaking to the CEO of a large corporate bank? Good luck. If you have questions for the CEO at First Alliance Bank, you'll find him on site and eager to meet with you.
  • Large corporate banks rely strictly on credit scoring in evaluating candidates. At FAB our loan officers are willing to consider character, community history, and discretionary spending in making loans.

The bottom line is this: We're locally owned and operated. Our built-in familiarity with the Memphis community will give you and your business a critical edge. Our personalized approach means loan applications are evaluated independently, and loan decisions are made quickly and locally. Our first and only objective is to help the Main Street businesses and individuals of the greater Memphis community thrive.

Thank you for voting us Memphis Most 2016 “Best Bank” and “Best Logo”! We are also proud to be listed among Commercial Appeal's Top Workplaces of 2016 and named as a Memphis Business Journal 2016 Top Places to Work Finalist.

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